Friday, 29 April 2011


What makes a human being high in spiritual level is GRATITUDE.

First I show gratitude to Mr.Shahjahan whom I dont know but suddenly
he appear and help to fulfil my dream that is my blog
(May god bless him in all his aspects)
At next my thanks to my husband Mr.Vayugundla.Suresh gaaru
whoalways cooperate me in all my aims,

and next my friend and famous writer(whom I don't know)
Mr.Poodoori Raji reddy garu who invites me in this world heartfully.
(May god bless him in all his aspects)
 Thank u very much..........Shashi kala.

let us share

Sharing is the first thing to devolop our knowledge.
If we both have one apple with us If we exchange
them again only one we have.But we exchange our
Ideas we have two.sharing is a good step towards
gaining knowledge.come let us share our Ideas.
                         Heartful thanks 2 u.