Wednesday, 15 February 2012

ఆణి ముత్యాలు....

''I can't teach anybody anything 
I can only make them think''
''A learned man is a tank
Awise man is a spring''

''Every child comes with a message
that God is not yet discouraged of man''
                                          -------Dr R.N.Tagore

''A good laugh is sunshine of house''

''Surround yourself with good books and u will have 
a fortress that will protect of loneliness''
                                                           -----Marcus Aurelivs

''some are born great 
some achieve greatness
some have greatnessthrust upon them''

''I'd rather have roses on my table than 
diamonds on my neck''
                                       ------Emma Goldman 
''A good heart is better than all heads
in the world''
''Genious is one percent inspiration 
ninety nine percent perspiration''
                                         ------Thomas Edison 


వనజవనమాలి said...

నిజంగా ఆణిముత్యాలే! ఆఖరి మూడు నాకు నచ్చాయి.

sandeep said...

"ఆణి ముత్యాలు...."
Great quotes!

Anonymous said...

Very good collection both quotations and pictures

శేఖర్ (Sekhar) said...

Good collection :)

శశి కళ said...

thanku...vanaja gaaru,sekhar,sandeep garu,kaste pali gaaru

ఫోటాన్ said...

Excellent Sasi garu :)

శశి కళ said...

thank u harsha